Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emerald The Turtle

Once upon a time there was a turtle who lived in Wisconsin, but sometimes in the winter it got way too cold. she was always really jealous of all the birds who got to go to Florida and such in the winter. "It's not fair! why can't I go to Florida too?? Or even North Carolina, or Tennessee, or someplace in between even?"

And all her frog friends and fish friends just jumped in the water in the winter, and the cold didn't matter very much, because they slept through all of it. but this turtle, named Emerald Amber, didn't like water, and she could never find a place warm enough to sleep.

So one time, she decided maybe she could bribe a seagull to fly her to Florida. or even part way, to Tennessee or something.

She didn't like how cold it got in the winter.

It was really cold, and she couldn't get out. She couldn't go find snacks or treats. There was only frozen seaweed to eat. They were called kelppops.


So she was just hanging out on the beach, checking out all the seagulls, and there was one spotted seagull just eating some fruit snacks. and Emerald loved fruit snacks. But she couldn't always find them since they were sold in stores and she didn't have fingers.

And also she couldn't speak human, so she felt awkward just trying to mumble at the cashier girl. also, She wasn't very tall, so most cashiers didn't even see her.

But anyways, this seagull had fruit snacks! Scooby Doo fruit snacks! Emerald didn't even know who Scooby Doo was, but it didn't matter, because they were the best flavored fruit snacks. Especially the light blue flavor

So she went up and introduced herself to the seagull. "Hi, I'm Emerald. What is your name?"

And the seagull said "SQUACK. SQUACK."

Emerald forgot that seagulls were not very conversational animals.

But, she new a cat named Mitty who made the same sort of noises.

So she went to Mitty's house, and asked her to come to the beach and interpret for her. And Mitty said "Yes! I would love to help out a good old friend!" Because Mitty knew how cold Emerald got during the winter, and sometimes Emerald just wanted to cuddle with her, but Mitty didn't always like this because Emerald took all her heat. She wasn't fluffy like Mitty.

So Mitty walked up to the seagull and said "Squack, squack squack, please. Squack? Squack squack squackity squackity squack."

And the seagull understood perfectly. And was surpised at how well this cat could talk to birds. Also, the seagull was happy Mitty didn't want to eat her.

So the seagull agreed to take Emerald as far as South Carolina, even farther than Emerald expected!

She was soooo happy!!!

And she made happy little turtle noises, and tried to hug Mitty, but turtles aren't very cuddly either, so Mitty politely tolerated it.

But then, she had to excuse herself since there was a tuna sale nearby.

So Emerald went home and packed up all her things. But this was after the seagull, who was named Juan, shared his fruit snacks with her.

Emerald went and packed up her favorite leafs and twigs, and she had this really pretty lucky stone that was part black and part brown and looked sort of like a turtle too. She packed all of this inside her shell, and she met up with Juan at the beach a few days later, just when it was starting to get cold.

Emerald and Juan flew south.

And Emerald was very happy in South Carolina, and made friends with all the southern turtles. They were very hospitable, but they didn't have as many fruit snacks. They ate a lot of salt water taffy in South Carolina, which Emerald sort of liked, but not as much as fruit snacks.

Around spring time, she started missing her old home in Wisconsin, and her Mitty too. Because Emerald never met a cat in South Carolina as friendly as Mitty.

She waited on the beach all spring until the seagulls from Wisconsin flew over.

And Emerald practiced her seagullese. She shouted "SQUACK SQUACKITY SQUACK!" Juan recognized her call and came down and swooped her up! Emerald was so happy to be going home.

The first thing she did was bring Mitty some fresh tuna from the organic tuna market, and Mitty was very happy to see her old friend. While Emerald was very appreciative of all the help that Mitty provided in helping her go on vacation, she was very happy to be home.

And Mitty was very happy that Emerald was home too, as long as she didn't try to cuddle too much...

But that was okay, since they both went to the movies later that day.

They saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

They both loved it.

[The End]